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        In terms of foreign trade operation, the Company is dominated by import and export trade, purchasing agent and international freight transport agency. For the moment, the Company prioritizes Angola in Africa as its main exporting market. Its export covers an extensive scale comprising large-scaled engineering machinery of all types, cars for environmental sanitation engineering, complete production units, medical apparatus and instruments, building materials, furniture, household articles, artware, hotel articles, office articles, electronic articles, hardware tools and so forth.

       Since its establishment, the Company has been expanding its scale and notching up trust and cooperation from its wide base of customers with its increasingly enhanced innovative skills, gradually completed deliverability, well-deserved reputation, superior services and the like. The Company mainly works with large-scaled overseas companies covering diamond firms including ENDIAMA, SODIAM and CATOCA, petrol companies such as SONANGOL, IFBA,, a training outfit, GROUP PINTO, GROUP JOEL and ORGANIZACOES ARMANDO DE CARVALHO, medical apparatus, NECITE – COMERCIO, ELISAI a company on environmental sanitation, KADISSEKE an import and export company, SUNSIL HOTEL, a hotel, AERONAUTICA, an airline company, ABILIO DE AMORIM, a furniture company and OCEANTICO - Pescaria Maria da Glória, a foodstuff company.